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Updating dataset creation dates

The datasets consisted of, but were not limited, to the stream of playback events that are used as feedback for all personalization algorithms.

These plays are used to extract specific behaviors which are highly predictive of a customer’s enjoyment of our service.

You can edit, update, or append data to a dataset entirely through your web browser, using our simple web user interface.

For more information about how to update a dataset via the Socrata web interface, read this how-to guide.

For those of you who wish to publish data, however, venture bravely onwards!Using the Socrata Writer, you can easily create workflows to extract data from source systems using Safe FME, perform cleanup and transformation, and publish that data to Socrata.For more information about the Socrata Writer for FME, see this helpful writeup on Safe’s website, as well as this demo tutorial.If you’ve never imported a dataset before, this helpful guide on importing datasets should get you started.Before embarking on a project to automate data publishing, it’s important to take a step back and think about the nature of your dataset in order to pick the best way to integrate with Socrata.Copy the code below into Note If you run this script, Geckoboard will create the dataset schema, but no data has been added to the dataset yet, so you won’t be able to create a widget.The Datasets API currently supports the following types: . Learn more about making datasets Before you create your first dataset you’ll need to plan your data’s schema.A schema is a collection of fields which will let us know what form your data takes.2) An increased awareness of the costs/requirements for making the transition from batch to streaming successfully.3) Exposure to some of the technical challenges that should be expected along the way.


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