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Updating garmin gpsmap 196 aviation database updating elementary schools

PS: In South Africa I use because it is a local product and has the latest updates, the big international players data is out of date and don't have the small airfields and prviate strips. It will down and upload routes directly from my Garmin GPS directly using the USB port. I've tried many of the free or subscription based flight planners but always come back to Flitestar.

It only supports Garmin GPS's, pitty since I bought an AVMAP for the RV. It is a good solid product backed by a company with Aviation roots.

Garmin also has released a new USB Aviation Data Card Programmer for the GNS 430W/530W, which simplifies database updates and is priced at .95.

I've been playing around with Golden Eagle Flightprep ( (the free version) for a few weeks.

It doesn't come with any waypoints, but you should be able to pull the waypoint data from the Garmin.

If not, you can get all the waypoint info you need in GPX format from Nav Aid (

Then when you go to plan your 'route' (flight) all of the planning tools are oriented towards hiking, hunting, or driving.

While all of this land based information is useful, it is somewhat secondary in flight planning.

For Map Create (Lowrance) you get a little more with topo lines, hunting information, and there is a way you can get some aviation information into the "planning" software.Garmin is providing relief for a long-standing issue that customers frequently complained about, the high cost of database updates for cockpits equipped with multiple avionics boxes that rely on current data.The new navigation database, single navigator bundles and One Pak options will offer significant savings and simplify database updating.Plan B would be the 'nearest' button on the GPS, of course, but there is comfort for me in a plan that includes a landing spot just over the spinner every few miles.Entering all these waypoints into the GPS by hand would be a typing nightmare.Is there a way, once you save a flight in this application (or in some other free application) to have it automatically feed it into your GPS as a route?Here's why I ask...could easily plan a flight on the computer at home (like this sample flight from my home field down to Galveston) that includes flying over many private and public airstrips on your way.What I want are all the public & private airports, air space information, TFRs, SUAs, weather overlay, etc; and then be able to load the route once planned into the GPS. If the GPS is panel mount then use data cards or plug the plane into the hangar network.This requires a little more than any of the flight planners I've seen.If I could have this software auto-feed the route into my Garmin 496 so I could just pull it up and engage the autopilot....well, that would be dreamy.In the example below, all these deviations added five minutes to the flight - and most of the waypoints are private strips. I also like the idea of planning little sightseeing 'tours' on the home computer and uploading them to the 496..letting the autopilot do the driving. Does the software already do it and I just overlooked it?


  1. Normally $295, but now for free! Don't know why cycle 05T1 is free now, but just wanted to share with you this information.

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