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Updating offline disk cache apple mail

David Hanson makes the argument that it's not worth making offline apps just for airplane activity, which is the one place you're likely to be offline for a long period of time.

But there are still situations where it's worthwhile, and also situations where offline technologies are useful for protecting aganst server or network outages.

Just beware that it comes at the cost of complexity, and that complexity needs to be justified. Offline technologies support caching and detailed control over caching process.

Even assuming internet utopia, where everything is always online, offline technologies still server a purpose. Therefore, web apps can boot quickly and show data instantly.

So why on earth would we talk about "offline" web technologies, and what does the term even mean?Although bandwidth is much faster these days, there are still noticeable limitations for certain applications, in terms of both throughput and latency.If you were designing a high-density video editor, you'll probably find the video is too big to fit into memory at once, meaning you have to swap content in and out of your app.These apps are ultimately intended to sync with the cloud, but can survive periods of downtime.The downtime might be an interim loss of connection, like passing through a tunnel, or an extended period of offline activity, like a long-haul flight.), and upon refresh, it showed "Firefox is currently in offline mode and can't browse the Web." When I clicked "Try Again" it went back "Online" again.How can I work offline to see how my app performing offline?Of course, you should only do this for non-critical data, e.g. Another reason is about security and privacy, the concept of Host-Proof Hosting.An early example is Half Note, by Aaron Boodman (now a Chrome engineer).Consequently, the next time the user visited the site, it would load immediately.To some extent, regular browser caching will already enable that capability, but browser caches are easily overwritten, whereas application caches are intended to enjoy special status on the user's hard drive, so they can't be displaced just because the user downloaded a large video.


  1. Airmail 3 is a new mail client designed with. Message Cache - Optimized disk. on my Airmail and it wasn’t updating any of my other mail.

  2. For testing purpose I tried to switch to offline mode File Work offline, and upon refresh, it showed "Firefox is currently in offline mode and can't browse the Web."

  3. When you turn on offline access in some browsers, you may see a message warning you that the website is requesting space on your disk. For the best offline experience.

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