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Updating outdated wood trim

This means that while it might be solid wood if it’s ugly or worn out, it’s not adding value (emotional or monetary) to your home.Now before we get into the guts n’ the glory, you need to figure out what style of cabinets you have…Most people would suggest caulking first (and rightly so), so you should probably do that.However, if I'm being honest, I usually just do it after I've painted.On the areas of the house where I did sand the trim first before priming, I use this sander (Amazon affiliate link)Tape off all the areas you don't want to get paint on before you prime.If I'm painting my trim and walls at the same time, I only tape off the carpet.I find that one coat of primer usually does the trick for me.Priming is necessary because it helps prevent dark wood stain from peeking through white paint, and it keeps your paint from peeling off the wood.

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So, I just leave the tape in place until I'm completely done.

It will give you adhesion fairly comparable to sanding in most instances if used correctly.

For most of my trim, I've used Behr ultra white in a semi gloss finish.

Semi gloss is easy to clean, and I love the way the ultra white color looks crisp and clean next to my wall colors. When I apply my trim paint, I use my Wooster brush (I think I've bought 5 of them at this point..save me SO much time and I barely have to tape up anything when I use them because of their precision.). So, to recap, brush your paint on with your Wooster first.

I go over the entire trim with the brush first, and then while the paint is still wet, I smooth out all of my brushstrokes with a small foam roller. (You can see below where I had just started painting over my coat of primer.


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