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I don't know about your machines but both my desktop and my HTPC have terrible clocks.

They seem to drift by about five minutes each week and that messes up things like scheduled TV recordings or stating that it is o'clock on IRC when it's not.

The reasons for frequent syncing could be a failing battery or dual boot operating systems having different time zones set.

Update the drivers of your computer with PC Updater.

PC Updater identifies, finds, downloads, and installs essential updates for your computer's hardware and software which can help you prevent computer problems such as crashes, security holes and bugs, components and peripherals.

PC Updater has a database of more than 110,000 files as it searches for an update for your computer.

Set the first action to start a program, which is %windir%\system32\with arguments start w32time task_started Set the second action to start a program, which is %windir%\system32\w32with argument /resync Turn off the setting which makes the task only run on AC power.

The task is very brief so there's no reason not to run it when on battery power.

Feel free to play with it if you want but that's my verdict.Every desktop computer keeps the correct time even when it is turned off by using a simple 3V Lithium battery cell (CR2032).But this is not a rechargeable battery cell, so it stops working after a year or so.The CLI method works even when the time service is not properly configured in Windows.Here is how you can sync time with NTP servers in Windows using the command line interface: You can also download update-time-windows.zip, extract the contents to Windows desktop, right-click on and choose Run as administrator.Upon investigation, that task simply makes sure the Windows Time service is running and if it's already running the task does nothing.In that situation it's still up to the Windows Time service when to actually performs a sync, which will be once per week.It can notify you when there is an update available and helps you download and install them.Download the PC Updater now and update your drivers the easy way.On the other hand, my method (below) is a similar amount of effort and is trivial to verify: You can mess up your system time and then manually run the task to verify that it gets corrected right away.The W32tool, with /resync argument, triggers a clock sync, provided the Windows Time service is running.


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