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However, northerly catchments show knickpoints, variable long profiles and have steep sided and V-shaped valley cross profiles.

Southerly catchments have much smoother long profiles, no knickpoints, and concavo-convex valley cross profiles.

At present, it is unclear which hominids made Oldowan tools.

Many scientists believe assemblage of Oldowan tools.

Present-day drainage patterns in mountain regions are strongly affected by antecedent tectonic and geologic factors.

In the mountains of eastern Lesotho, southern Africa, bedrock comprises flat-lying Jurassic basalts which have given rise to a relatively uniform initial land surface.

Here, we present key morphometric measurements of river drainage patterns from this region, from six 4th order river basins, including principal river sinuosity, river long profiles and valley cross profiles, in order to evaluate geological controls on drainage evolution and the potential ages of river elements.

Such scavenging yielded enormous amounts of protein which was critical in the evolution of the human brain.Known as the Oldowan industry, most of the earliest tools were rough cobble cores and simple flakes.The flakes were used for such activities as cutting meat and skinning animals.Museum displays on human evolution are open to the public at Maropeng, on the edge of the World Heritage Site, and at Sterkfontein.Stone age period Some hominids began to manufacture stone tools about 2.6 million years ago, thus beginning the Earlier Stone Age (ESA).The sediment dates to between 1.78 and 1.95 million years ago. Although many specimens have been found in breccias, australopithecines did not normally live in caves.They probably slept in the tropical forest galleries that stood along the river banks.Lee Berger and his team found the extraordinarily well-preserved remains of a juvenile male and adult female of a new species, .The hominids had fallen down a deep sink hole and were then covered by calcified sediment in an underground pool.Because of its richness, a large portion of the fossil-bearing zone has been listed as a World Heritage Site, known as the ‘Cradle of Humankind’.Recently, a new find from the Cradle has made world headlines.


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