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Well we could add a property to the Date Validator $type or $intl Type and set the default to 'date' or null.

This attribute includes two constructor parameters that constrain the length of the value contained in the first Name field, a parameter that names the rule set and a parameter that defines the message template.Then the parse Date Value Intl will be as follows: …dated parse Date Value Intl($value, $format) to facilitate this validation based on defined type.Updated unit tests to for validating date Time values when using short format validation.Added parameter to define if checking for 'date' or 'date Time' and updated parse Date Value Intl($value, $format) to facilitate this validation based on defined type.This content is outdated and is no longer being maintained. If I do the same, but change as Date Time to as Date it validates correctly.I have even tried setting the formatter to the formatter defined by making the rule in the model like this: I did some digging.In this example, the Object Validator attribute is a part of the "Rule Set A" rule set, and refers to the "Rule Set A" rule set of the Address class. The Validation Application Block includes a common set of properties, such as Ruleset, that you can use with every validator attribute in addition to the validator-specific constructor parameters.The Object Validator attribute portion of the code example is an example of this.The message template contains the message that is logged if the validation fails.The Ruleset parameter of the validation attributes indicates that the application block will use "Rule Set A" rather than the anonymous, default rule set.


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