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It is a small world after all, and it is funny how your contacts can follow you through your life now (around the world), courtesy of information technology! I can only imagine what dating is like out in the hinterlands of Tamil Nadu and out in the remote parts of Sri Lanka.

Find new chat friends for your messenger Create your profile, and upload ur photo... " At last count (November 2008) there were 559 Chennai gals and 12,346 Chennai guys registered (not including members in other parts of the world.) I know this is not strictly speaking Indian or Tamil.The king or queen of the social media, Facebook now has 34 million users in India, and that number is growing all the time.It is almost like a little Internet in itself, with its own economy and ecosystem.Our community name was coined by Tamil social activist Periyar Ramasami.Our castes include Paraiyar, Chakkili or Arunthathiyar, most of whom live in south India and speak one of the south Indian languages..." This site came online on July 28, 2004.As usual I found plenty of men, particularly from the UAE. Nive says: "I am gal chat with me." community of Tamil Nadu and beyond, which numbers nearly 10 million souls according to the Joshua Project."We Adidravidars are the original natives or indigenous people of Dravida land," writes one A. "Our forefathers were proud inhabitants of our country from the beginning of time.» Crowded World Home » Indian Hub » Indian Girls and Guys » Search by Caste (A-Z): Brahmin » Search by Location: Chennai » Search by Mother Tongue: Bengali » Gujarati » Hindi » Malayalam » Marathi Girls » Russian » Tamil » Urdu » Advice: 7 Online Dating Mistakes That Could Break Your JUST ABOUT EVERY DAY NOW I GET AN INVITE TO JOIN A SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK.2011 seems to be the year of social media, and the proliferation of social networks is truly mindboggling.One of its innovations is the idea of "circles", and the recognition that not all of your "friends" are in fact your friends.On Google , you can sort your contacts into groups or circles with labels like "relations", "work colleagues", and of course "close friends".


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