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It’s weird because I’ve seen her a thousand times, I’ve been on her show and I’ve hosted with her,” she says.Though she doesn’t keep in contact with Banks, she says she’ll receive messages from her here and there.One example: Her friend and that year’s runner-up Anya Rozova. “The last time I saw her — we would hang out all the time and I’d pay for her always — we were having breakfast and she called me fat.Like, seriously called me fat because I was eating and she was having coffee and she was upset.“I really hate that word especially because I’m not.

What's wrong with women of all sizes using the same sites? “She follows my career, but we’re not grabbing coffee together,” she says.After she had won the title — which she admits was totally unexpected — the Hell’s Kitchen resident began feeling the jealousy from other girls, some her friends.But she does say it was all worth it in the end — especially because she was able to meet Tyra Banks, one of her heroes.“She’s still the one celebrity when I’m in the room I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that's her.’ I can’t talk.Thompson may shy away about who she’s dating, but she’s confident about one thing: sex.“Women have sex, curvy girls have sex, too — and there’s more to love.“Then you find a guy who likes really tall girls.” The web site costs a month and users can customize what they’re looking for, whether it’s a date, a hookup, or something long-term.When asked if she’s concerned that the site will attract men who fetishize these types of women, Thompson says she has it under control — for now.Whitney Thompson, 2008 winner of “America’s Next Top Model” has a lot of weight on her shoulders.The only plus-sized winner of the Tyra Banks competition show quickly realized she had to represent beauty in all shapes, sizes and forms.


  1. America's Next Top Model" season 10 champion Whitney Thompson has launched a new dating site aimed at helping plus-sized women find love.

  2. America's Next Top Model" winner Whitney Thompson is. Last we heard from Whitney, the "Top Model" had started a dating site. Go to mobile site.

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