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"Heartbreaker," the third track on the album, is perhaps Wertz's strongest, and it has become a live favorite.The remainder of continues Wertz's journey of love and heartache.Wertz may not write the most profound lyrics, but his songs are easily relatable and a whole lot of fun.Those looking for an overt spiritual message will not find it here.obat herbal asma paling mujarab Memilih herbal sejagat jus kulit manggis adalah hal tepat bagi menyembuhkan keadaan para pasien penyakit tumor otak.obat herbal tumor otak ganas ampuh Toko Obat Herbal Online herbal sejagat Dikelola oleh pekerja yang berdedikasi tinggi, sehingga menciptakan mutu pelayanan berdedikasi tinggi.And after a decade of commercial success, seven studio albums, and thousands of miles touring, they were the songs Matt found himself going back to over and over again -- “Footloose,” “Mandolin Rain,” “Hold On To The Nights” -- music that was flat-out fun to listen to.Those hours of rediscovery inspired Matt Wertz to create his most ambitious project to date, Heatwave.

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And on those lucky afternoons when he could tune in to Casey’s Top 40, Wertz listened to songs that would become the soundtrack of an era -- Don Henley’s “Boys Of Summer,” Steve Winwood’s “The Finer Things,” Lionel Richie, Peter Cetera -- classics set to drum machine and Stratocaster.

He didn't know it then, but those radio waves were settling into Matt’s memory and slow-curing his own songwriter sensibility.

"Capitol City" ends the album, and it finds Matt in a quiet, contemplative mood. Wertz has infectious charm, and one wonders how anyone could break the heart of someone with such a sweet voice.

The album is at times over-produced, and might do well to scale back and let Wertz's raw talent shine.


  1. Walking in a Winter Wonderland 2 Snow Globe 3 White Christmas - featuring Dave Barnes 4 Tennessee Christmas - featuring Amy Grant 5 Christmas Just Ain't Christmas Without You - featuring Brandon Heath 6 Christmastime Is Here 7 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 8 O Holy Night - featuring The Nashville.

  2. Oct 12, 2011. Singer/songwriter Matt Wertz offers the perfect holiday soundtrack for tree-trimming, treat-baking and gift-wrapping with Snow Globe, his first Christmas. To date, his songs have been featured on shows including Brothers and Sisters, Wildfire, and One Tree Hill and can be heard in the movies Employee of.

  3. Those hours of rediscovery inspired Matt Wertz to create his most ambitious project to date, Heatwave. What began with a homemade drum groove on his Nashville front porch has sprung into a distinct, varied ten-song record that both pays homage to the lush, accessible sounds characteristic of that era and evidence the.

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