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Who is maxwell dating now

Since this date the house has remained in the same family.

During the 1500’s and 1600’s the main building was completed and it was during this time that the Lairds of Traquair were at the centre of political power and became associated with Mary Queen of Scots who visited Traquair in 1566.

Charles, the fourth Earl remained loyal to James and became one of his band of supporters known as the Jacobites who worked secretly to restore the Stuarts to the throne.A secret escape route for the priest was hidden behind a concealed cupboard and led down the old stairs (picture above).It continued to be used until the Catholic Emancipation Act in 1828.This small hamlet was later to become the City of Glasgow.During this period Traquair was nestled in the middle of the vast Ettrick Forest and provided a superb venue for royal hunting parties who came to hunt wild cat, wolves, deer, wild boar and bears who roamed the forest.A mural painting in the Museum dating back to the early 1500’s depicts some of these early hunting scenes.After the death of Alexander III in 1286 the peaceful life of the Borders was shattered by the Wars of Independence.Then in the early 1600’s the seventh Laird added the top storey, realigned the windows and changed the course of the River Tweed so it ran further away from the house.The seventh Laird also became the most influential member of the family and he held the post of Lord High Treasurer of Scotland (picture above left).The cradle where she rocked here baby, her bed and some other possessions can still be seen in the house.During the sixteenth century the main building was extended so by 1599 the main body of the house was completed.


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