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It doesn’t offer much chance for growth in any way.

Even the characters we love, like Miss Patty, Kirk, Sookie, and Jackson, do not change over the seven seasons.

Rory at this point in time is not the Rory we know. So when she is faced with criticism, she can’t handle it.

Because if she can’t be a journalist, which she associates with everything familiar (Lorelai’s lifestyle), then the obvious choice is to turn towards her grandmother’s lifestyle – right?

And though it takes a long time for Rory to rebel, she eventually does.

One of her first acts of rebellion is taking part in a cotillion. Jerkface, tells her that she doesn’t have it in her to be a journalist, she has a meltdown. Jess questioned it once before, and though Rory expressed some concern in the moment, it didn’t shake her confidence.

She knows what she doesn’t want, though, and that is being stuck in Stars Hollow indefinitely.

Because Stars Hollow, with all its charm, is frozen in time and space.

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She continues to work towards the life her mother shunned: picking Yale over Harvard, dating rich boy Logan, and finally, joining the DAR and moving in with her grandparents when things finally come to a head with the separation. It’s easy to blame it on Logan (very easy for me, since he is my least favorite of Rory’s boyfriends – look at the way he treats her! All her life, Lorelai has led her by the hand, but it’s been a few years now since she started rebelling against her mother’s ways, and she is just starting to see how these acts of defiance have shaped her life.

When she is dating Luke, Stars Hollow becomes her only life.

But she has always wanted more, just like her daughter.

And because she could never choose just one life, it is her indecision between the two that defines her. She wants to protect Rory from the rich elitist life, but at the same time, she wants to give Rory all the opportunities she never had.

And by constantly trying to give Rory “freedom” she is, in a way, smothering her, just like her parents did to her.


  1. In an ideal world, “Gilmore Girls” fans would care just as much about Rory Gilmore’s Alexis Bledel career as they do about her love life. But most of them don.

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