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Who visits online dating sites valkenburg

Specifically, they discovered when online friendships lasted for more than a year, their quality became comparable to offline friendships. Paper presented at the 20th anniversary conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Although these earlier studies have yielded rather consistent results, they are limited by their unclear definitions of online and offline friendships.

On social networking sites, three types of friendships can be distinguished: (a) online friendships, which are developed online and remain solely online; (b) mixed-mode friendships (Walther & Parks, 2002), which are developed online but have extended to other, offline settings; and (c) offline friendships, which are developed offline and have extended to online settings. Page (Eds.), Freedom and control in modern society.

One of the key features of friendships is their quality.

social networking sites, quality of friendship, similarity, proximity, social attraction doi: 10.5817/CP2012-3-6 Social capital is important in society.

It has been linked to a variety of positive social outcomes, such as better public health, lower crime rates, and more efficient financial markets (Adler & Kwon, 2002).

For example, Walther’s (1992) social information processing theory, assumes that relationship formation in CMC occurs at a slower rate than in face-to-face settings. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 48, 909-924.

The quality of friendships refers to the experienced closeness, trust, and understanding between friends (Marsden & Campbell, 1984).

Several studies have investigated and compared the quality of online versus offline friendships (Chan & Cheng, 2004; Mesch & Talmud, 2006, 2007; Parks & Roberts, 1998). Friendship as social process: A substantive and methodological analysis.

After all, the quality of the friendship (i.e., strength of tie) affects the capital it yields.

Therefore, in this study, we focus on the quality of different friendships on social networking sites.


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