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Xp media center guide not updating

Clear the Indexing Service’s check box on the “Windows Features” window and click OK. Open Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services Double Click: Windows Search Set Startup type to: Disabled If Service is already started, select Stop.

If you’ve moved from XP to Windows 7, this might be the first time you’ve had access to Media Center.

Integrate Boxee with Windows 7 Media Center Integrate Hulu Desktop with Windows 7 Media Center One of the cooler things that Media Center allows is the ability to use your PC like a DVR and record live TV.

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If you don’t have a TV Tuner Card installed on your computer, you can still freely watch online content from major networks like Show Time, CBS, and others When the Internet TV feature was first launched, the selection wasn’t that great, but at the time of this writing, a lot more content has been added.Not only can you watch current streaming content, but it also provides cool classic shows like Star Trek, Hawaii 5.0, Twilight Zone, and more.For more check out our article on How to Watch TV without a Tuner Card in Windows 7 Media Center.For more check out our article on how to setup live TV in WMC.Now that you have your Live TV setup, you can start tweaking the experience.You can also try out some other plugins that give you more control like converting video and removing commercials with MCEBuddy.Another way to help deal with commercials is using a simple registry hack to increase the skip and replay intervals of live and recorded TV.Here we’ve created a guide for our best tips, tricks, and tutorials for using Windows 7 Media Center.If you are new to Windows 7 Media Center, you’ll want to take a look at our beginner’s guide which shows you how to set up WMC for viewing Live TV, Recording, Streaming Video, Netflix, and more.While the above solutions will allow you to easily watch your movie collection in WMC, you’ll probably want to add images and metadata to the movies in your library.If you want a more in depth approach for getting cover art and detailed metadata to your movie collection you can use the Media Center Master app.


  1. K Windows XP; 822. It is not updating the Guide listings and I am wondering if this problem is related to Windows 10 upgrade? Windows Media Center is not going.

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